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Permeable Pavers – New product introduction:

A new Eco-friendly invention, renovative improvement to Rechsand Filter Paver product line. The pavement is custom made onsite like permeable concrete/asphalt. It’s permeability can effectively recharge ground water.

Alleviate the urban heat island effect and balance the urban ecosystem; it can also penetrate the ‘ground air’ to make the ground warm in winter and cool in summer; permeable pavers in the rainy season, thaw snow in winter, absorb dust, reduce noise, increase the comfort of urban living; Lower overall cost, shorter construction period, customizable pattern, quick and low cost recyclable after use cycle.

Permanent anti-clogging: Micron-sized pores are permeable to water by destroying the surface tension of water, high-efficiency drainage;

Ultra-fast paving: thousands of square meters can be laid per day using professional equipment, construction waste is minimized;

Customization: no need to create mold, color customization, pattern paving, landscape integration for creative pavement;

Super cost-effective: the base layer is integrally formed, the surface layer is paved once, low-cost and rapid recycle at the end of the use period.

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