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Your birth chart holds a significant importance,Your birth chart holds a significant importance, as it registers the planetary motions at the time of birth, thus the exact number of dosha or yog in naitve's Kundli can be calculated.Yog are like dhan yog, putr yog, raj yog.
Amla Yog - You will get fame, honoured by state, Loved by relations.
Parijat Yog- you will be happy in the middle and towards end of your life, devoted to the preformance of your religious duties.
Dhan yog- You will be endowed with riches.
Dhenu Raj Yog- You will be endowed with learning, all round prosperity and all kinds of wealth, enjoy rich food and belong to happy.
Yogas fructify at the time of their major dasa and/or antar dasa of the yoga karakas. The strength of yoga to give its result is result is determined by the number of yoga karakas involved as dasa lord or antar dasa lord etc.

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