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A damaged fire extinguisher can be dangerous. Over time the canisters left outside in the damp areas might get corrode and due to corrosion it might explode. Regular inspections help you ensure the canister are working properly in order and ready in event in a fire. Also, did you know there are different types of extinguishers? This means the dangers would be different. Regular fire extinguisher inspection report helps you understand the danger levels and for you to take proper action to ensure safety. Also, whether you have installed the right extinguisher as per your area and possible hazards.

There are several companies that offer monthly fire extinguisher inspection services. Here is an all-inclusive checklist which will help you understand the process of fire extinguisher inspection report generation. The company will ensure if the extinguisher is installed at the right place and clearly visible and not blocked by any equipment or other object to interfere at the time of emergency.

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