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Technologies and techniques to conserve water in agriculture while sufficiently feeding growing populations is a key to peace. Proprietary Rechsand hydrophobic nanocoatings on sand have the potential to address some of our most life and death concerns.

Our research has shown that the use of water-saving hydrophobic sand layered beneath row crops and around orchard plantings can reduce water use by up to 75%. Similarly, lower levels of fertilizer would be required to achieve the same results, as fewer of the chemicals are lost to percolation.

Rechsand agricultural sand solutions can aid in those locations where livelihoods of farmers and regional food security are threatened by climate changes.

Many of the world's most vulnerable populations rely on rice and rice cultivation. Rice requires flooded fields as flooded plants produce better yields. Rice is about the last crop one would hope to raise in a desert and a perfect test case for Rechsand hydrophobic agricultural sand.

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