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Have you ever stood outside for any length of time and thought that wind power was the way to go to solve the world's electricity problems? In some countries it's only natural that you'd think along those lines, but just how viable is wind power as a solution?In this article we're going to look at how a wind turbine works, whether it makes sense to use this method to generate the energy for your

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Wind power: Nature and OriginThe solar radiations give birth to wind. These radiations heat up the surface of the planet earth, although in unequal proportions. This uneven heating follows as a direct result of the abrasive earth surface, rotational planetary movements as well as the continuously altering propensities of heat absorption of the different levels of the earth's atmosphere. The seas,

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Here at MaddenWicks, we are always keen on experimenting and learning new things. We want to bring something new to the market, something that will set us apart from the competition. We consider ourselves as innovators, continually tweaking and discovering new techniques. In fact, our best-selling products are born out of our constant urge to try something new.It is this constant drive

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You have probably heard that solar systems are a great way to save electricity and money. There are several good reasons to consider solar panels for your home, from eco-friendliness to government incentives. This article will go over the various ways that you can go green and live a more environmentally friendly life.

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There is a brand new invention that every person who smokes must know about. It's referred to as the electronic cigarette, also known as a smokeless cigarette or e-cigarette, and it really is changing the legal landscape for cigarette smokers worldwide. The patented Electronic Cigarette offers to effectively simulate the expertise of smoking an actual cigarette, with no any of the health or legal

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Stairlifts Stoke on Trent
Stairlifts throughout North Staffordshire and South Cheshire. This is a Brooks Stairlift installation in Stoke on Trent not far from Hanley Park, recently fitted and demonstrated by Keith from Castle Comfort Stairlifts Ltd.

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The stairlift showroom can be found on your satnav by typing in ST5 8BW and you can make an arrangement to view static models and a working stairlift on the stairs. Just call 01782 611411 and our friendly staff will help you out. We are arguably the regions favourite mobility shop and one of the nations best value stairlifts suppliers.