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The issue of Damp penetration, or even addressed, may also cause secondary damage to a building so contacting a specialist for damp proofing in Oldham is a must. The unwanted moisture enables the development of varied fungi in wood causing rot and leaving it prone to insect attack. It may also damage plaster and decoration causing it to deteriorate and loosen. It takes a trained and qualified spe

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Damp proof courses are a part of brand new buildings however this wasn't always the case with older ones. A humid proof course does break down on the number of years and eventually needs replacing. Properties over Eighty years old are particularly at risk of rising damp.Damaged whipped cream rising damp in an existing rentals are a remedial damp proof course.

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Rising damp is the procedure water rising vertically up in the ground and travelling by capillary action through porous material including mortar and bricks. This makes the wall to get damp as hygroscopic salts travel into the brickwork and plaster. As water evaporates, these salts are deposited in the wall attracting more moisture in the atmosphere.